Prof. Dr. Klaus D. Jandt

Klaus Dieter Jandt Klaus Dieter Jandt Foto: Klaus D. Jandt

Otto-Schott-Institut für Materialforschung (OSIM)
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Löbdergraben 32
07743 Jena
Telefon: +49 3641 9 47 730
Telefax: +49 3641 9 47 732


  • Lehrstuhlinhaber für Materialwissenschaft


  • Polymer-micro- and nanostructuring, -morphology and thermodynamics
  • Polymer phase boundaries
  • Soft matter physics (polymer nanostructures, morphology, solar cells)
  • Biomaterials (biointerfaces, microenvironments, antimicrobial biomaterials)
  • Composite materials (nanocomposites, CFK, hybrid materials)
  • Nanoanalytics of materials (SEM-FIM, AFM, XPS, TEM)

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