Prof. Dr. Thomas Heinze

Thomas Heinze
Thomas Heinze
Image: Thomas Heinze

Institute for Organic Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry (IOMC)
Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Humboldtstraße 10
07743 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9 48 270
Fax:      +49 3641 9 48 272
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  • Professor for Organic Chemistry
  • Head of the Center of Excellence for Polysaccharide Research


  • Organic Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Biopolymers
  • Bioorganic Chemistry

Publications (selected 5 most recent)

  1. "Investigation of cellulose dissolution in morpholinium-based solvents: Impact of solvent structural features on cellulose dissolution" S. Naserifar, A. Koschella, Th. Heinze, D. Bernin, M. Hasani RSC Advances 13 (2023) 18639-18650.
  2. "Dextran thioparaconate – Evaluation of the multifunctional thiolactone linker for easily adaptable polysaccharide modification" A. Kemmer, Th. Heinze Carbohydrate Polymers 315 (2023) 120946.
  3. "Glucose scavenging with pectin hydrazide: A step toward designing innovative, functional, all-sugar-based polymers" H. Würfel, K. Geitel, W. Günther, I. Anufriev, U. S. Schubert, I. Nischang, Th. Heinze Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 223 (2022) 2200241.
  4. "Reactive xylan derivatives for azid-/alkyne-click-chemistry approaches - From modular synthesis to gel-formation" M. Gericke, L. H. Skodda, Th. Heinze Carbohydrate Polymers 300 (2023) 120251.
  5. "Cellulose allylcarbamate with high content of reactive double bonds for thiol-ene reaction" H. Lindemann, Th. Heinze Reactive and Functional Polymers 176 (2022) 105306.