Prof. Dr. Ingrid Hilger

Ingrid Hilger
Image: Ingrid Hilger

Group Experimental Radiology
Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
University Hospital
Erlanger Allee 101
07747 Jena
Phone: +49 3641 9 325 921
Fax:      +49 3641 9 325 922
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  • Research Group Leader "Experimental Radiology"


  • Minimally invasive therapies (cancer, inflammation, etc.) based on nanoparticles
  • Detecting interactions of nanoparticles with biological systems
  • Testing of novel nanoparticles for diagnostic imaging
  • Use of multivalent nanoparticles for radiological diagnostics and therapy
  • Nanoparticle-based molecular imaging of living organisms
  • Detection of molecular processes on living animals with fluorescent nanoparticles

Publications (selected 5 most recent)

  1. C. Busch, T. Schröter, T. Luge, M. Grabolle, M Wenzel, W. A. Kaiser, U. Resch-Genger, I.Hilger (2012). In vivo detection of FRET effects between IgG coupled near infrared fluorophores by multispectral imaging. Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, in press.
  2. E. Laabs, M. Béhé, S. Kossatz, W. Frank, W. A. Kaiser, I. Hilger (2011). Optical Imaging of CCK2/Gastrin Receptor-Positive Tumors With a Minigastrin Near-Intrared Probe. Investigative Radiology, 46(3), 196-201
  3. MR Lisy, A Görmar, J Pauli, U Resch-Genger, WA Kaiser, I Hilger (2008). In vivo near infrared fluorescence imaging of carcinoembryonic antigen express-ing tumor cells. Radiology 247, 779-787.
  4. V Deissler, R Rüger, W Frank, Al Fahr WA Kaiser, I Hilger (2008). Fluorescent Liposomes As Novel Contrast Agent For In Vivo Optical Imaging Of Edemas In Mice. Small 8: 1240-1246
  5. I Hilger, W Andrä, R Hergt, R Hiergeist, H Schubert, WA Kaiser (2001). Electromagnetic heating of breast tumors in interventional radiology: in vitro and in vivo studies in human cadavers and mice. Radiology 218, 570-575.