Prof. Dr. Christoph Biskup

Christoph Biskup Christoph Biskup Image: Christoph Biskup

AG Biomolekulare Photonik
University Hospital Jena
Nonnenplan 4
07743 Jena
Phone: + 49 3641 9 397 800
Fax:      + 49 3641 9 397 802


  • Professor of Biomolecular Photonics


  • Quantitative multidimensional fluorescence microscopy (mwFLIM, FRET, confocal patch clamp fluoro-metry)
  • Automatic image analysis
  • Structure-function relationships of ion channels
  • Development of nanosensors for ions and biomolecules

Publications (the 5 most important)

  1. J. Kusch, C. Biskup, S. Thon, E. Schulz, V. Nache, T. Zimmer, F. Schwede, K. Benndorf , "Interdependence of receptor activation and ligand binding in HCN2 pacemaker channels", Neuron 2010, 67, 75-85.
  2. C. Biskup, J. Kusch, E. Schulz, V. Nache, F. Schwede, F. Lehmann, V. Hagen, K. Benndorf, "Relating ligand binding to activation gating in CNGA2 channels", Nature 2007, 446, 440-443.
  3. Q. H. Shen, Y. Saijo, S. Mauch, C. Biskup, S. Bieri, B. Keller, H. Seki, B. Ülker, I. Somssich, P. Schulze-Lefert, "Nuclear activity of MLA immune receptors links isolate-specific and basal resistance responses", Science 2007, 315, 1098-1103.
  4. C. Biskup, T. Zimmer, K. Benndorf, "FRET between cardiac Na+ channel subunits measured with a confocal microscope and a streak camera", Nature Biotechnol. 2004, 22, 220-224.
  5. W. Becker, A. Bergmann, M. A. Hink, K. König, K. Benndorf, C. Biskup, "Fluorescence lifetime imaging by time-correlated single-photon counting", Microsc. Res. Tech. 2004, 63, 58-66.